Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg 9/1/18

Welcome to September!

Time marches on in the weirdest ways. Last week, I was eagerly looking forward to my two year anniversary week! So far we’ve had an AMAZING sale (since ended sorry!), book boyfriends and gift card winners, a chance to win a FREE Kindle Fire and someone is going to walk away with a never before seen SIGNED paperback copy of Finding Finn!


But, today is all about the #OhMyMpreg which brings YOU behind the scenes! Right now, I’m writing the fifth Hybrid Heat book. 

Inexperienced alpha, Fritz knows he is called to protect Link. The fox shifter has lost everything he loves, including, he thinks, his mate. To Link, he is broken, but Fritz only feels whole around him. 

Then they meet Crius, a dragon shifter running from his own demons. Can these three shifters put aside the trauma of their life to find love? 

These three are breaking my heart and now I want them to wiggle into yours!

“It’s all I want,” Crius replied, the words sounding ripped from him. “No, it isn’t all.”

His words floated over them, a promise, an invitation. With a brief look to Link, Fritz was decided. “Tell us what to do.” He wasn’t experienced enough to know how to progress but he knew that he wanted to. Tomorrow could hold regret, it could hold fifty gallons of it, but right now, Fritz wanted to be with these two people. He wanted to love and heal himself inside of their bodies while they did the same. Each of them, so fractured, but when they came together like this, it was like they were finally whole. And Fritz didn’t want to lose that. He slunk back, off the mattress and onto his knees on the soft carpet. Link did the same, his hot, trembling body rubbing against the side of Fritz as he mirrored his position. The two of them looked up at Crius.

“Tell us what to do,” Fritz repeated. Crius towered over them. His hands went to his pants.

I think we'll just leave it right there...

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