New Release! Exciting new Mpreg!

Under His Embrace: Hybrid Heat #5

A hybrid, fox and dragon walk into a sex club…

Sounds like a joke, but these three guys will quickly tug on your heart! In this book we have:

Fritz: Inexperienced alpha, hybrid motorcyclist club member, all around small town, sexy man

Crius: Arrogant dragon, licking his wounds, not looking for more heartache.

Link: A grieving fox shifter who can’t face his emotions, not without help! 

Tropes include: Mpreg, biological urge to mate, knotting, hurt/comfort, inexperienced/virgin alpha, threesome, fake (celebrity) relationship!

Meet these three in Under His Embrace and join them on their journey to becoming a family! 

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If you’ve ever wondered if Kiki does her own covers…this is proof of what I can do Lolololol