The Jeweled King’s Curse

The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate

The one man he wants, is the only man he can’t have.
Azra, known as the Shadow King to both his enemies and his allies, needs a mate. Onyx dragon law dictates that a King with an heir may not be overthrown, important if Azra wants any chance of winning the war against the three neighboring dragon tribes. He knows who he wishes he could mate with, the too young, too sweet, too naive Elby. Azra refuses to listen to his inner dragon’s insistence that Elby is his fated mate. He’ll simply have to choose another. He decides to hold a masquerade ball with the express purpose of finding a mate to make an heir with.
Despite being forbidden from attending the ball, Elby sneaks in, impressed with himself for disobeying the formidable King and for succeeding on getting inside and snagging a mask before anyone spots him. The King has acted as Elby’s guardian for his entire life, saving Elby from the cruel ways of their people, but also sheltering him from the entire world. He’s excited to have a wild night, and over the moon when the King dances with him, singling him out over all the others.
When the lights are out, true love finds a way.
After a passionate night neither of them will forget, the masks are removed and both are shocked. Azra can’t believe after all his attempts to keep Elby at bay, he’d still managed to single out and impregnate the one man who was meant to be off limits. His concern for Elby’s health is nearly shadowed by his fear that Elby may be so much more than he seems.
The onyx dragons live surrounded by darkness, their ways are violent and living among them is a daily battle, but they all fear one thing above all else. The return of the Dark One, a mythical being that is said to return only to wreak havoc, mayhem, and destruction. They say he chooses a vessel, consuming the unlucky creature from the inside. Azra would love to continue to believe that the Dark One is just a fairytale, except, he sees the changes in his sweet mate.
Azra must delve into legends and find out how to save his mate, before the neighboring tribes attack and before Avia, an ancient enemy, unveils her final plan to destroy them all.

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The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate

Can three broken hearts become whole?
King Vale lives in a garden paradise with his people, the emerald dragons. Separated from the world in their underwater home, their way of life is serene, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices. Vale has lost much over his long life, but none of it hurt as bad as losing his lifelong best friend, Blaze. Vale went into an emotional hibernation when Blaze left, and it isn’t until he meets Landon, a plucky young guard for the diamond dragons, that he begins to feel again. Except, the moment he decides his heart wants only Landon, Blaze returns with the same claim.
Two powerful alphas, one mate.
Landon knew he wasn’t cut out for life as a guard, but when the opportunity came to transport a very dangerous enemy, he volunteered. He hopes he can complete the mission without making a fool of himself. After his first glimpse at the Emerald King Vale, he’ll be lucky if he can get through the mission without ripping his clothes off and offering himself to the King. Oddly, the King seems to feel the same way and agrees to accept their dangerous cargo into his impenetrable dungeons only if Landon agrees to stay behind.
Will a love once lost, be reclaimed anew?
When Blaze returns to the garden paradise claiming he followed the call of his mate, Landon can’t believe he has two gorgeous men clamoring for his affection. Except, he doesn’t see the two men as a choice, he sees them as a package deal. Landon needs to show the stubborn men that they are better together before the mysterious force threatening their way of life succeeds.
For hundreds of years, the four dragon tribes have lived in a tense ceasefire. Evidence of the old dragon wars still litter the bottom of the ocean and while three of the tribes are working toward peace, the onyx dragons seem to be colluding with the enemy. Navigating communication with the Shadow King is like walking through a political land mine, one that Vale worries will blow up in all of their faces.
The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate is the third book in The Jeweled King’s Curse Mpreg series. It is a full-length mpreg romance that can be read as a standalone and features a steamy MMM romance with no cheating and a whole lot of heart-pounding action!

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The Diamond Dragon’s Manny Mate

A Robin Hood conman, a cursed King and a brutal spell…

Flynn Stegman doesn’t love his life as a thief, but his nephew’s expensive asthma medication isn’t going to buy itself. Besides, after this last job, he won’t have to work again. The payoff is huge, but the danger involved is life-threatening. By impersonating another man, Flynn infiltrates the island of the recently discovered diamond dragons. He just needs to stay under the radar long enough to find the item he’s been hired to steal and to get out. Preferably before he’s found out and flung off the nearest cliff.

King Sebastian has spent the last five years in mourning. A horrible curse robbed him of his true love during childbirth and he can’t shake the grief long enough to run his country. Thankfully, his sister, the Guardian Princess Sorsha has taken control of the kingdom and keeps an eye on his daughter, but there is unrest, and a powerful old enemy is using that unrest to try to take the king’s power.

When Flynn accidentally saves the King’s daughter, his plan of staying out of sight goes horribly wrong. Five years old and full of more book smarts than should be possible in a kid her age, the little Princess has been left mostly on her own in the castle, until now. Flynn can now add, manny to a pint-sized Princess, to the list of things he’s endured while on a job.
Sebastian can’t manage to ignore his daughter’s new manny, he feels a pull toward the man that Sebastian thought he would never feel again. A dragon doesn’t get two mates, so then why does Sebastian’s inner beast long for the sly human? Whatever the reason, Sebastian finds that simply being near Flynn is bringing him out of his grief, making him whole again. So, when he discovers that Flynn may not be who he says he is—and may actually be working with his most dangerous enemy—he’s torn between protecting the man he loves or protecting his kingdom.

The Diamond Dragon’s Manny Mate is the second book in the Jeweled King Curse series. It may be read and fully enjoyed as a standalone. In this book, you will find excitement, magic, romance and love with a HEA while two men find their true fated mates.

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The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate

Dragon King Damari is the last dragon of his kind. After a curse killed his family, Damari is left the only one with the power to sustain his tribe. But when years go on and Damari doesn’t find his dragon mate, he must venture out into the human world, and search for other ways to protect his people.
Dumped by his boyfriend, and stuck on the world’s most exclusive resort on Chryseum Island, Miko Lannis needs help getting off…the island. He swoons along with all the other guests when he gets his first look at the domineering dragon king, Damari. He is so handsome and noble, there’s no way he could be interested in the socially awkward Miko in his frayed jeans and worn t-shirt.
Damari can’t control the pull he feels towards Miko from the first moment he spots his pastel blue hair in his office. Miko is goofy, clumsy and speaks his mind—a trait that is hard for a dragon king to find. But mostly, he makes Damari smile. If Damari didn’t know better, he would think Miko was his mate, but Miko is a human.
When Miko finds himself alone in Damari’s lair, he’s ready and willing. Except something happens that transforms their one night stand into forever.
Meanwhile, the curse that killed Damari’s family may not be finished. Damari needs to call on all his powers as the Golden Dragon King to protect his new mate and his people.
The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate is the first book in The Jeweled King’s Curse series. It can be read as a standalone and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to recreate anything you read in this book.

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