Hybrid Heat Series

Hybrid Heat - Shifter mpreg Romance with extra spice!

Can three broken men feel whole again?
Inexperienced alpha, Fritz knows he is called to protect Link. The fox shifter has lost everything he loved in a tragic attack, including–he thinks–his mate. When Link decides to volunteer for the shifter exchange, which means he’ll have to leave the pristine forest setting to operate under the authority of the manipulative, yet cunning, Sibelius in New York City, Fritz knows he must follow. Who else will protect Link in the big city? Fritz doesn’t go without bringing his own shame. He can’t help but think if he was a more experienced alpha, he’d be able to help his fox better.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Link is eager for a change of scene. And if he gets to help take down the Protectors of the Pure—an anti-shifter terrorist organization—then he’ll at least have a chance at avenging his family. But grief travels and it doesn’t take long before it has caught up with him. He’s more thankful than he’ll ever admit for Fritz’s company, but living the sheltered life he had on his family’s farm did little to prepare him for the world and Link doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough for Fritz.

Then they meet Crius, an onyx dragon shifter running from his own demons. He’s in town along with representatives from the other dragon tribes to help fix the mess they caused. Crius had planned on spending his time wallowing, but that’s before he spots two naïve shifters in a big bad city. It’s clear they are in over their heads in every way. But what isn’t clear is why Crius cares. The young shifters obviously have a past, one that doesn’t include Crius and he doesn’t think he can take being shoved aside again. But, his inner dragon will not allow the fox or hybrid out of his sight and before he knows it, the pair has become a trio.

Meanwhile, the Protectors of the Pure are fighting a political game. They know they need the public’s favor if they want to be able to release the shifter “cure” to the general population and they will use every dirty trick in the book to achieve that goal.
Will the three fractured shifters face the Protectors unscathed? More importantly, will they be strong enough to put aside the trauma of their pasts to embrace a pregnancy that no one saw coming?

Will two men, as different as can be, find love?

Jaesun Park isn’t a spy, not until the Protectors of the Pure, an organization bent on eradicating shifters from the world, blackmail and coerce him into using his job at The National Press to uncover and publish anti-shifter propaganda. He unwillingly travels north undercover, posing as one of the many campers taking advantage of the new shifter-run campground. The moment he arrives, he’s sure everyone is onto him, but he’s got to do his best to ignore his anxieties. His family needs him.

Wilder is a hybrid shifter content to watch those around him act like fools while they find their mates. If he ever (big if) found his mate, he wouldn’t overreact nearly as much as the other alphas with all their growling and possessiveness. That’s what he thinks until he literally runs into the man meant for him. It takes seconds for Wilder to realize that Jaesun is his and just as much time to realize Jaesun is hiding something that is putting him in danger. And anything that puts his mate in danger is unacceptable.

Except, those he would normally turn to won’t understand what Jaesun has had to do. They’ll lock him up before Wilder has a chance to tell them Jaesun is his mate. He can see that Jaesun is in way over his head, and Wilder is the only one who can dive in and save him. His kind, gentle mate quickly brings out the alpha in Wilder. No one, not his pack or the Protectors will lock up his mate. Before long, Wilder will realize why those other alphas acted so possessive and out of control. 

Under His Cover is the fourth book in the Hybrid Heat series. It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series for maximum enjoyment. It features a delightful number of references to Korean dramas and kimchi while still containing those steamy moments that will make your toes curl!

A bond that surpasses blood.

Thorne has found a home as second-in-command among the hybrid bikers, and while he considers his pack mates brothers, he never forgets the stepbrother he was coerced into leaving behind. From first sight, Thorne knew he was meant to protect his stepbrother, Sage and he never stopped, until his parents pushed Thorne out of his home by threatening Sage’s safety. His parents thought their bond was unnatural and while it broke Thorne’s heart to leave, he believed it was what was best for Sage. The pack would protect Sage better than an eighteen-year-old lone hybrid shifter.

When the world tells them no.

Twelve years Sage has spent getting over losing his protector, his bodyguard, and his only friend. Thorne had been his entire world, until he suddenly wasn’t. Gone without a trace, at thirteen, Sage couldn’t believe the boy who held his heart would leave him. He spent months running away from the compound he lived in with his parents and lion pride. He’d been sure that Thorne was out there, needing his help. But, after several cruel punishments and years without more than an envelope of money sent through the mail from his former savior, Sage had to realize, his soul mate was gone. Gone, but never forgotten. With only a return address, Sage sends a letter hoping it will bring Thorne home while also dreading that it will.

They say yes.

Thorne worries that returning to his hometown of Dry Creek, Texas will cause more harm than help, but he received Sage’s letter and Thorne has never been able to refuse Sage anything. Except, when he gets there, he finds his hometown in disrepair. Relations between the humans and shifters are at an all-time low, and the sweet, innocent little stepbrother Thorne left in the safety of the pack his now foul-mouthed, sharp-witted and knocked up. Thorne knows the father of Sage’s unborn isn’t his mate. Thorne is Sage’s mate, and he’s spent too long trying to ignore that fact.

Thorne has to pick up the pieces of his broken relationship with Sage and put them back together before he loses Sage for good. Or, before the Protectors of the Pure, an anti-shifter group, unveil their latest plan to wipe shifters off the face of the earth.

Under His Command is a full-length, stepbrother mpreg romance with sugar, spice and a guaranteed HEA.
Trigger Warnings include: mentions of abuse, mentions of drug addiction and alcoholism, and death of a parent.

A jaded older shifter trying to be the alpha he isn’t collides with a cocky, young Dom…

Garth isn’t a well-liked member of his bear shifter pack. He’s got a sharp tongue and a deep-seated hatred of humans spawning from a traumatic experience years ago. Garth believes that a man his age should have his life figured out. He should be an alpha, he should find a mate to start a family with. Except, all of Garth’s nasty quips, shoves, and snarls are him trying to pretend to be that thing he is not. If he isn’t an alpha, what is he? Cassius, the youngest hybrid shifter to join the pack, is cocky, arrogant and all alpha. He also won’t stop getting under Garth’s skin, making him long for things he can’t have.

Cassius knows he doesn’t have the years or seniority in his pack but that’s fine, he doesn’t want to control a group of people. He longs for control over one man in particular. Cass isn’t sure how he is the only one to see how amazing Garth is, but he’s glad he is the only one to notice how talks of submission and spanking affect the shifter in a way that Cassius will do anything to explore. He’s obsessed with Garth—his mate—and knows that if he would simply give into his true nature as a submissive, Garth wouldn’t feel like he has to keep everyone away from him with his rudeness.

But attempting to get Garth to see past the difference in their years and understand he would be happiest under Cassius’s control will mean nothing if Cassius and the other hybrid bikers don’t discover who has been targeting shifters. All over the area, entire packs are being harmed by a strange new drug that has everyone on edge. Cassius and the rest of the hybrid bikers must find the people responsible for poisoning entire packs of shifters before they are the next ones targeted.

He knows best…

For nineteen years all Chuey needed to worry about was survival. Now that he’s safe, rescued from the jungles by his adoptive father, Logan, he can start discovering who he is and what he wants. What he wants is Ryder, the leader of an allied pack of wolf hybrid shifters. But Logan wants Chuey to have nothing to do with the older biker. He does all he can to keep them apart, including threatening the fragile friendship between the packs.

Ryder has made his fair share of enemies while leading his ragtag group of shifters. He’s made some allies too. That’s why when he senses that the son of one of his allies is his mate, he isn’t jumping for joy. The opposite. Chuey is new to the bear shifters and new to civilization in general. He doesn’t need an older man like Ryder handing him more problems. Especially a man who doesn’t only want Chuey to be his mate, but to be his boy as well. 

Meanwhile, Ryder’s fiercest enemy of the moment, Marcos, is revving up an old feud. The world may be big, but their area of the world is small and Marcos doesn’t like Ryder’s pack encroaching on their territory. He uses the only tool he knows, violence, and when that violence reaches the feet of Ryder’s boy, Ryder decides it is time to end this feud for good.

Under His Care is the first book in the Hybrid Heat series. It features a May/Dec relationship, themes of dominance, light age play and a whole lot of steamy moments!