Bear Brothers Series

Bearest of Them All: Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance Book 4

Will a spontaneous hook up in a bathroom with a bad boy change Jack’s life?

Jack is used to being the odd man out. In a family of retired and active military, Jack was always just a little too small and gentle. A little too gay. His life doesn’t improve when his one friend, his grandfather, passes and leaves Jack with his entire inheritance. Jack’s family is pissed, but their grandfather’s land and money doesn’t come without stipulations. He has to develop the land into a campground–obeying his grandfather’s final wishes–or lose it all to the state. It’s no surprise to Jack when the foreman he hired calls on day one with a problem. The problem? Wild bears.

Can two misfits find love?

Alpha shifter Gideon has been away from his brothers and bear pack for a long time. While his other brothers went on missions securing resources for the pack, Gideon had the unpleasant task of cleaning up their tracks and making sure the skeletons of their past remained hidden. As the youngest, most volatile of the bear brothers, he always gets the crap jobs. When he finally finishes and gets to go home, some idiot is trying to tear their forest down. Gideon heads into town to blow off some steam, and the sexy stranger at the end of the bar looks like he’s had almost as bad of a day as Gideon.

Is it the family you are born with or the family you choose that makes a difference?

A few stolen moments in a bathroom is all it takes for Gideon to realize, Jack is his mate. His bear wants him more than anything but, claiming Jack would be an unkindness. Especially when all the people who ever cared for Gideon in the past wound up hurt or hating him. He’ll protect Jack, but he won’t claim him. That is, until Jack’s ex-fiance appears claiming he still loves Jack. Gideon must decide to make Jack his or lose him forever.

Bearest of Them All is the fourth book in the Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance series and can be read as a standalone.

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Unbearable Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance Book 3

Sent on a mission to secure resources for their bear pack, alpha shifters Julian and Hugh are fine as long as they are together. Which they normally are. So much so, that people forget they aren’t actually brothers.
Julian can’t wait to get out of Mexico, but he would follow Hugh to hell and back. He’s convinced he has a lead on cheap natural resources that the pack cannot pass up. They go searching for the man who can help them. The last thing either of them expects is to find their mate in the back room of a bar in Mexico.
Logan is a man who goes where the wind, and his desire, takes him. He abandoned his career as an ER doctor when one madman took away every person he cared for. Now, Logan travels the world, doing what he can to avoid relationships while never sleeping more than one night in a stranger’s bed. That’s okay for him since the world has so many beds.
Except, then he meets two, gorgeous men who tell him he’s their mate. Everything inside of Logan tells him to run, but the bear brothers are always there to bring him back. They say they want his help, but Logan knows they want much more.
Unbearable is the third book in the Bear Brothers series. It can be read alone but would be enjoyed in order.

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 Bearing it All Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance Book 2

When Heath moves in with his sister in the sleepy forest town of Noel to help run her inn he never expects the move to open his eyes to a whole new world of men who can turn into bears. Even more unusual are the unfamiliar feelings Heath has after meeting alpha bear shifter, Angus.
Angus stares at Heath like he’s a starving man and Heath is his next meal. No matter how Heath tries to deny and avoid his attraction, Angus is somehow always near.
Heath isn’t used to being watched so closely, and despite his efforts to keep Angus out of his problems, the possessive shifter is always there. There isn’t much he can do to help. Heath owes money to the wrong type of people, and now those people want him to pay, with his body. All Heath has to do is survive an unregulated fight with men who are all more experienced than he is and his debts will be cleared.
Angus’ pack has carved their own slice of heaven out of the land near Noel, and when Angus arrives with the lumber and resources needed to expand, he expects to find a community in the making, not his mate. He knows what everyone says about Heath—that he is the straightest man they know–but Angus can see through the man’s mask. He also sees that Heath is in danger, but the stubborn man won’t tell him how.
When Angus discovers who Heath is in trouble with and what they want him to do, he knows he can’t allow it. Heath may be willing, but Angus will not let his mate be put in harm’s way.
While Heath might not recognize his attraction to Angus, by the time Angus is done, Heath will realize his feelings and who he belongs to.

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Bearly Legal Bear Brothers Mpreg Romance Book 1

Roscoe has finally freed his bear pack from the clutches of their cruel, former pack master, but not without difficulty and much violence. So, when he happens upon a young man, Sawyer, in his woods, Roscoe is suspicious, especially since Sawyer’s scent makes Roscoe want to claim him against every tree in the forest.

But, relocating his pack and starting over wasn’t easy and Roscoe’s rules have to be strict. He needs to be cautious while he figures out what he’s going to do about his inner beast wanting to claim the young–and human–Sawyer as his mate.

Sawyer may be young, but he’s been on his own for a while now and doesn’t react nicely to being told what to do–even if the person ordering him around is insanely sexy and can make his knees weak with a single word. Roscoe makes him feel whole, something he hasn’t felt before, but Roscoe also wants to hide him away.

And, it seems, for a good reason. There is distrust in Roscoe’s pack, and while Roscoe will not shy away from establishing his dominance, he refuses to rule with fear as their last pack master did.

It becomes clear to Roscoe that to have his boy and his pack, Sawyer will need a lesson in obeying his alpha’s commands if he is ever to be his mate. And if there is one thing Roscoe is very sure of, it is that Sawyer will be his.

Bearly Legal is a bear shifter Mpreg romance with May/December elements. If spanking or hot moments in the back seat of a car offend you, this is not the book for you.

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