The Den Series

The Den and Wolf’s Mate MPREG Romance Book 4.5
How many alphas does it take to set up a Christmas tree? Conner is going to find out. He has vowed to give his mate, Pippen, one perfect Christmas. His first perfect Christmas. Conner has the entire pack behind him to help so it should be easy…right? Farley is excited to help, it will give him a chance to ignore how his second pregnancy isn’t going quite as well as his first. He should be happy with sugar plums and fairies dancing in his head, instead, he’s stuck thinking he isn’t good enough and isn’t working hard enough to be a good enough mate for his alpha, Oscar. As if things in The Den weren’t hectic enough while they prepare for Christmas an angry neighboring pack returns with more than mistletoe on their minds. A Perfect Christmas is an mpreg romance novella stuffed with steamy moments, snowball fights and absolutely no fruitcake. Available on Amazon and FREE for KU Subscribers
Max lives in the shadows. Hiding in plain sight, he has been a part of the wolf pack at The Den since before it was called The Den. As an alpha wolf and ex-hit man, he’s hiding from his violent past, while watching his life pass him by. But living this way is necessary if he wants to be able to stay calm, stay stead and stay in control. Until, he meets a young man that makes him lose control. Berlin cares about one thing, providing for his mother and sister. When his father died and his little sister was diagnosed, Berlin knew that they would need money and lots of it. He thought he was lucky when Pete, an old friend of his father’s, came into his life with an interesting proposition. For two years, Berlin has acted as a prostitute, serving who ever can pay so he can take care of his family. Then he meets Max, mysterious, sexy and all consuming. Max wants to take care of him, the worst part? Berlins wants to let him. Amazon and KU
Brady is a small town veterinarian living in the closet. Celibacy is a small price to pay for tranquility and a sense of community. That is, until a pair of imposing, alpha men burst into his quiet life. Wolf shifter Glenn is on a mission to deliver an injured animal to a friend of a friend who lives in some sleepy mountain town. He doesn’t expect his inner animal to howl with recognition the moment he meets Brady. He’s his mate, no question about it. But something strange is going on and Glenn thinks the answers may be found in Parker, the mysterious nomad who recently began renting Brady’s spare room. Parker’s pack is dying and it is up to him to save the coyote shifters by spying on the town of Riverside and preparing his family for a siege. There is only one problem, he’s falling hard and fast for not just the human veterinarian he is living with but the wolf shifter as well. Their desire for each other cannot be ignored but as the relationship grows the outside world presses in. While pack duties and familial obligations threaten to tear them apart, can they overcome discrimination and find their happy ending? On Amazon and FREE for KU subscribers
“It hurts everywhere. Please, touch me.” Young wolf shifter Caleb didn’t expect to be fighting for his life while protecting a group of cubs he escorted up the mountain on a morale-building exercise but that’s what happened. And he would have died if it wasn’t for gorgeous alpha mountain man, Asher. He is thankful for the man’s help, but any further gratitude dies on his lips when the man informs him in no uncertain terms that Caleb belongs to him and will stay by his side. Caleb could try to escape and hobble his way back to his pack, except, his body and especially his inner wolf don’t want to go anywhere Asher isn’t. The lone wolf can light a fire in Caleb in a way that he has never experienced. “They left you up here and it is for the best because the forest has given you to me. You’re mine.” Asher has been alone for most of his life but when Caleb steps foot on his mountain, he senses his mate immediately. He knows his mate is a gift and will stop at nothing to claim him. Finding him and protecting him is easy enough. It is convincing the younger shifter he is his that is a challenge. Asher can be patient though, especially if the end goal is showing Caleb how good their lives could be together. The forest may be Asher’s home, but it is also a dangerous place and if Asher wants his life with his mate, he’ll have to save him first. His Baby to Save is the second book in The Den series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone. His Baby to Save contains hilarious moments that could cause you to laugh at inappropriate times as well as sexy moments that may steam up your sunglasses. Stay hydrated. Purchase on Amazon or FREE for KU subscribers!
Farley is an introverted mess. Overweight and still living with his parents he didn’t think his confidence could get any lower until he’s carjacked in a convenience store parking lot. The severe beating is nothing compared to having to replace his mom’s car on his part-time wages. He makes a plan to change his life around starting with getting fit. Farley can’t see why anyone like Oscar would have even the slightest interest in him. He’s a goof-off at best but when Oscar agrees to help him get into shape at the gym, Farley won’t say no. He’ll just have to keep his libido in check before he makes a fool of himself. Oscar can’t explain why his inner wolf has taken him to a hospital room where a man lay, his face swollen and bruised. Until now, he and his wolf have lived in harmony. When Oscar wants physical contact he goes out and gets it, no strings, no second nights. But that all goes out the window when he sees Farley. He doesn’t know the first thing about being a mate, but he knows that no one will ever hurt Farley again. Oscar fears his intense feelings may scare his mate away so Oscar agrees to be Farley’s trainer. As fun as watching Farley squat may be, Oscar begins to suspect that the simple carjacking Farley endured may be a sign of something more, that he may be in danger. But this time, Farley won’t be left beaten. Farley is his baby to protect. His Baby to Protect is a steamy, funny, 50k word romp into the world of mpreg and wolf shifters. It is the first book in The Den series, a spin-off of the Wolf’s Mate series and can be read as a standalone. On Amazon and FREE for KU Subscribers