Wolf’s Mate Series

Wolf’s Mate and The Den Mpreg Romance

How many alphas does it take to set up a Christmas tree? Conner is going to find out.

He has vowed to give his mate, Pippen, one perfect Christmas. His first perfect Christmas. Conner has the entire pack behind him to help so it should be easy…right?

Farley is excited to help, it will give him a chance to ignore how his second pregnancy isn’t going quite as well as his first. He should be happy with sugar plums and fairies dancing in his head, instead, he’s stuck thinking he isn’t good enough and isn’t working hard enough to be a good enough mate for his alpha, Oscar.

As if things in The Den weren’t hectic enough while they prepare for Christmas an angry neighboring pack returns with more than mistletoe on their minds.

A Perfect Christmas is an mpreg romance novella stuffed with steamy moments, snowball fights and absolutely no fruitcake.

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Francesca, or Frannie to her friends, is great at finding mates–for other people. She’s ecstatic that her family and friends have all found love because it certainly never worked out for her. Her one big love ended in tears, shame and flames, literally. Now Frannie lives for her pack family and uses sarcasm to keep men at bay.

That doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a sexy man when he comes her way. Or in this case, two sexy men; Brock and Kai. Police officer and lawyer, they are the ultimate power couple in career as well as stature. They are also both alpha shifters, a dangerous combination. Frannie is warned early on to stay away. She’ll have to be content making them the heroes of her romance novels, those books aren’t going to write themselves.

Mated alphas Brock and Kai are positive that the curvy, feisty and clever Francesca is their mate but claiming her won’t be easy. Especially not with her army of brothers standing in the way. But neither of them can ignore their inner beast, and their beasts demand Francesca. Nothing will prevent them from convincing Francesca she is theirs to love.

Theirs to Love (Wolf’s Mate Book 5) is a 53k word MMF bisexual shifter romance. It is part of a series but may be read as a standalone. There is no cheating and guaranteed HEA. Like, super duper HEA.

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“As long as you’re here, by my side, we can get through anything.”

Conner’s an alpha with a secret. He’s not running from his past though, he’s looking forward to his future with Pippen. From the moment Conner arrived at his new pack, he was attracted to Pippen’s rough exterior. As likely to stab you as to walk by you in the hallway, Conner has done everything he can to gain Pippen’s trust. Because despite his past, he knows Pippen belongs in his life.
“I don’t want to be that person anymore.”

Pippen’s childhood taught him how to be hard, how to hurt before you got hurt. Except, Conner makes him feel like there could be a different life for him, one where he is protected and maybe even loved. But the past never stays in the past and Pippen’s has returned with one thing on his mind, bringing Pippen back to the life of violence he tried to leave.

Now that Conner has finally had Pippen in his arms and in his bed, he can’t imagine a life without him. No matter what, he’ll put it all on the line while protecting Pippen.

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Felix is a handsome doctor who uses discipline and control to survive his tortured past.
Sorell is a loyal shifter stuck in a bad relationship in order to protect his pack.
Will they give in to the urges between them or will they forfeit their love to guard their pack?

Sorell may only be twenty-three but he knows how bad things can be and he’ll do anything to protect his new pack–his family. Even if that means ignoring his feelings for a sexy doctor and staying in a toxic relationship with a dangerous and violent man.

Felix wasn’t trying to find love, especially not with a man. He’s never been attracted to a man before Sorell and he’s still recovering from his last tour as a doctor in rough, foreign lands. His days are measured and controlled but he can’t stand by any longer and watch Sorell get hurt for the sake of others.

Sorell is set on sacrificing his own safety for the greater good. But Felix is growing stronger and he’ll face the whole world if that’s what it takes to save Sorell.

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Derrick is an arrogant alpha billionaire poised to take control of his pack. Christian is a good guy who is always finishing last. When their worlds collide, will Derrick be able to protect them both?

Christian’s nice ways have finally landed him in the worst kind of trouble. After agreeing to help his friend, Finn, Christian becomes a target for a sadistic pack leader. He is saved from a beating by a sexy stranger.

Derrick has never been mistaken for a homeless person, but seeing how he met Christian after being passed out behind a dumpster, he can forgive the confusion. What he can’t forgive is how the sweet, sexy man attempts to ignore their connection. Someone has to save Christian from his nice ways.

When Christian agrees to return to his home, Derrick can breathe easily. That is until the pressures of his family and pack threaten to drive a wedge between them. Christian’s nice ways are his worst enemy, but Derrick has already decided Christian is his mate and will hold nothing back while claiming Christian.

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Finn thinks he’s not worthy of love. Luke thinks he’s destined to be a lone wolf. But once they find each other, their lives will never be the same.

Fresh out of the institution after a failed suicide attempt, Finn’s ready to crawl back up and reclaim life. He’ll stick to his plan, take the tests, kiss all the butts and get back into grad school. That’s all he thinks about until he meets his new roommate the older, intimidating Luke.

Kicked out of his pack for being gay, alpha wolf Luke sees no way out of the solitary life he leads. That is, until he sees Finn, bent over the kitchen island, and the need to claim him, take him, becomes too much to bear. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring Finn out of his shell and convince him they’re mates.

But Luke’s alpha essence begins to change Finn in ways he never could have imagined. While the possibility of starting a family fills him with pride, the fear of the unknown, of what it could do to Finn, fills him with dread.

One thing Luke knows for sure–there is no going back, not after finding Finn.

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