Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg! 9/15/2018

How was your week? Thanks for checking in!

This weekend of the Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg has all of the behind-the-scenes goodness you want with the added bonus of telling you about my new release!

The awful part first, as of writing this, Under His Embrace isn’t live, but through no fault of my own. Hopefully, any moment, Amazon will release my three boys into the wild!

But, for now, let’s get you hopping! 

Behind the Scenes

  1. Did you know that Under His Embrace almost wasn’t Under His Embrace? For a while, I toyed with making this book the first book in a spin-off series that was set to center around the hybrids in New York. It was tentatively titled, Remedy, which I think still really works. You might too, let me know after you’ve read Under His Embrace!
  2. Crius was never supposed to get a book. When I wrote The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate I never intended for Crius to get his own story. Those is my Facebook group will know. I was writing his story and more and more he tugged on my heart. I decided he could get a short, have some fun on an island somewhere. But, then I remembered Fritz and Link and the rest was history 🙂
  3. Under His Embrace was *heavily* influenced by my love of angst! Confident, self-assured alphas are great and all, but I was itching for a flawed second-guesser. I got it in spades writing this book! Enjoy! 

Can three broken men feel whole again?
Inexperienced alpha, Fritz knows he is called to protect Link. The fox shifter has lost everything he loved in a tragic attack, including–he thinks–his mate. When Link decides to volunteer for the shifter exchange, which means he’ll have to leave the pristine forest setting to operate under the authority of the manipulative, yet cunning, Sibelius in New York City, Fritz knows he must follow. Who else will protect Link in the big city? Fritz doesn’t go without bringing his own shame. He can’t help but think if he was a more experienced alpha, he’d be able to help his fox better.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Link is eager for a change of scene. And if he gets to help take down the Protectors of the Pure—an anti-shifter terrorist organization—then he’ll at least have a chance at avenging his family. But grief travels and it doesn’t take long before it has caught up with him. He’s more thankful than he’ll ever admit for Fritz’s company, but living the sheltered life he had on his family’s farm did little to prepare him for the world and Link doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough for Fritz.

Then they meet Crius, an onyx dragon shifter running from his own demons. He’s in town along with representatives from the other dragon tribes to help fix the mess they caused. Crius had planned on spending his time wallowing, but that’s before he spots two naïve shifters in a big bad city. It’s clear they are in over their heads in every way. But what isn’t clear is why Crius cares. The young shifters obviously have a past, one that doesn’t include Crius and he doesn’t think he can take being shoved aside again. But, his inner dragon will not allow the fox or hybrid out of his sight and before he knows it, the pair has become a trio.

Meanwhile, the Protectors of the Pure are fighting a political game. They know they need the public’s favor if they want to be able to release the shifter “cure” to the general population and they will use every dirty trick in the book to achieve that goal.
Will the three fractured shifters face the Protectors unscathed? More importantly, will they be strong enough to put aside the trauma of their pasts to embrace a pregnancy that no one saw coming?