Kind of Teal Friday

I realize some of you may be in your homes, still breathing hard while you survey the spoils of battle. Black Friday, amirite?

I chose peace. Actually, I chose laziness and spent the day with my kind of teal knitted blanket (no, not knitted by me, you crazy monkey). But, I am not alone! With over 100 five star reviews on Goodreads, Finn and Christian’s stories are keeping me company. 

If you need something to calm your frazzled, war-worn yet victorious souls, check them out! 

 ^^Click me! Click me! ^^

At some point I will have to get something productive done. But I think I’ll eat my gummy bears, drink my coffee and stare at these guys for a bit longer. 


P.S: I hope you’re all as excited as I am for you to get to know Sorell and Felix!! Their story is coming soon!!

P.P.S: Happy belated Thanksgiving! Gobble! Gobble!