New Release: Protecting Pippen!! Get it now for .99!!

I am so freaking over the moon excited to be releasing Protecting Pippen. From the beginning, I had a special relationship with Pippen and Conner. I knew they had one too. It was so much fun discovering just what that relationship was and now I get to share it with all of you!!

Protecting Pippen is available for purchase on Amazon (<–that’s a link!) or to read for FREE if you are on Kindle Unlimited! (<–also a link)

“As long as you’re here, by my side, we can get through anything.”

Conner’s an alpha with a secret. He’s not running from his past though, he’s looking forward to his future with Pippen. From the moment Conner arrived at his new pack, he was attracted to Pippen’s rough exterior. As likely to stab you as to walk by you in the hallway, Conner has done everything he can to gain Pippen’s trust. Because despite his past, he knows Pippen belongs in his life.
“I don’t want to be that person anymore.”

Pippen’s childhood taught him how to be hard, how to hurt before you got hurt. Except, Conner makes him feel like there could be a different life for him, one where he is protected and maybe even loved. But the past never stays in the past and Pippen’s has returned with one thing on his mind, bringing Pippen back to the life of violence he tried to leave.

Now that Conner has finally had Pippen in his arms and in his bed, he can’t imagine a life without him. No matter what, he’ll put it all on the line while protecting Pippen.

Be sure to get it soon so you can buy it for the New Release price of .99!

Platonic Hugs and Kisses!