Oh, hello, Daddy! *New Release*

Some characters serve their purpose and some get under you skin. Chuey was one of those that wiggled beneath my skin (in a surrpsingly not disgusting sort of way) and demanded for  a story. But he didn’t want any story, he didn’t want any mate, it was clear from the get-go that Chuey was destined to be with Ryder, even if Ryder was much older, even if he didn’t just want to call Chuey his mate, but his boy as well, even if he wanted to be Daddy. Check it out! Chuey and Ryder’s road to their HEA: Under His Care: Hybrid Heat Mpreg Romance Book One

He knows best…

For nineteen years all Chuey needed to worry about was survival. Now that he’s safe, rescued from the jungles by his adoptive father, Logan, he can start discovering who he is and what he wants. What he wants is Ryder, the leader of an allied pack of wolf hybrid shifters. But Logan wants Chuey to have nothing to do with the older biker. He does all he can to keep them apart, including threatening the fragile friendship between the packs.

Ryder has made his fair share of enemies while leading his ragtag group of shifters. He’s made some allies too. That’s why when he senses that the son of one of his allies is his mate, he isn’t jumping for joy. The opposite. Chuey is new to the bear shifters and new to civilization in general. He doesn’t need an older man like Ryder handing him more problems. Especially a man who doesn’t only want Chuey to be his mate, but to be his boy as well. 

Meanwhile, Ryder’s fiercest enemy of the moment, Marcos, is revving up an old feud. The world may be big, but their area of the world is small and Marcos doesn’t like Ryder’s pack encroaching on their territory. He uses the only tool he knows, violence, and when that violence reaches the feet of Ryder’s boy, Ryder decides it is time to end this feud for good.

Under His Care is the first book in the Hybrid Heat series. It features a May/Dec relationship, themes of dominance, light age play and a whole lot of steamy moments!