Age gap with a twist!

Note from the Author: From book one of the Bear Brother’s series, Garth was that guy everyone loved to hate, including me! I admit, I was as mean to Garth as the characters around him. In fact, he was supposed to die in that first book, but the book took it another direction and I am glad it did!

His story was not only fun to write and so dang steamy I had to take breaks, but it was also good seeing how there really is someone out there for everyone, at least in Mpreg World!

Please enjoy his full length story! <3 Kiki

A jaded older shifter trying to be the alpha he isn’t collides with a cocky, young Dom…
Garth isn’t a well-liked member of his bear shifter pack. He’s got a sharp tongue and a deep-seated hatred of humans spawning from a traumatic experience years ago. Garth believes that a man his age should have his life figured out. He should be an alpha, he should find a mate to start a family with. Except, all of Garth’s nasty quips, shoves, and snarls are him trying to pretend to be that thing he is not. If he isn’t an alpha, what is he? Cassius, the youngest hybrid shifter to join the pack, is cocky, arrogant and all alpha. He also won’t stop getting under Garth’s skin, making him long for things he can’t have.

Cassius knows he doesn’t have the years or seniority in his pack but that’s fine, he doesn’t want to control a group of people. He longs for control over one man in particular. Cass isn’t sure how he is the only one to see how amazing Garth is, but he’s glad he is the only one to notice how talks of submission and spanking affect the shifter in a way that Cassius will do anything to explore. He’s obsessed with Garth—his mate—and knows that if he would simply give into his true nature as a submissive, Garth wouldn’t feel like he has to keep everyone away from him with his rudeness.

But attempting to get Garth to see past the difference in their years and understand he would be happiest under Cassius’s control will mean nothing if Cassius and the other hybrid bikers don’t discover who has been targeting shifters. All over the area, entire packs are being harmed by a strange new drug that has everyone on edge. Cassius and the rest of the hybrid bikers must find the people responsible for poisoning entire packs of shifters before they are the next ones targeted.

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