*Closed*Win $25 Gift Card and More! – Scavenger Hunt!

*Closed, big congrats to Xanthe, Amy and Kimberly!*

Kiki Burrelli’s Super Awesome Surprisingly Brief Sunshine and Sprinkles Scavenger Hunt!

Hello! You are invited to participate in Kiki Burrelli’s Super Awesome Surprisingly Brief Sunshine and Sprinkles Scavenger Hunt! Or KBSASBSSSH!

Q. Why would I want to participate in something like that, you loon? A. Because it truly isn’t that difficult and of the correctly answered scavenger entries (1) lucky winner will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well as a free ecopy of Under His Care: Hybrid Heat Mpreg Romance Book One and (2) lucky winners will win (1/each)$5 Amazon Gift Card!

Q. How do I do this scavenger hunt? Do I have to move? A. You know I would never condone an act that brought you away from your computer! Below is a list of six questions, you will have to search the pages (links politely provided) to find the answers OR be a super fan who already knows the answers. Answer each question correctly to be considered for a prize!

Q. What if I am not sure of my answers? A. No worries! Each question will have options for Extra Credit. Let me know if you did it in your answers below and gain those free points which will help you reach a perfect score!

Q. What do I do when I’m done? A. Email me your entry (kikiburrelli@gmail.com), don’t forget to let me know with an X, check or explanation which Extra Credit things you’ve done! I will stop accepting entries on 6/2/2018 and will choose winners 6/3/2018. Winners will be contacted via email (the one you email me your entries from) and will be publicly announced on my private Facebook Page, Kiki’s Den.

So, are you ready? Let’s get up and close and personal with Me!

KBSASBSSSH Question List                                                   

  1. Since you are already on my website, let’s start the tour right where we are! I want you to look up at the tabs, the first one is about me.
    It contains: About Kiki, Privacy Policy and _______________? (Extra Credit: Comment on this post!)
  2. Do you use BookBub? I’d LOVE to be able to offer my books to you all for free! Go to: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kiki-burrelli and you will see my BookBub Page. To find the answer go to the Sort By menu bar and choose “Title (A-Z)” What is the first book that pops up?
    Title: ______________ (Extra Credit: See that Follow button in the top right hand? Click it and follow me!)
  3. Chirp, chirp? No! Tweet! Go to: https://twitter.com/kikiburrelli See that guy there? I like to think he looks like Dean from Supernatural. What color are his eyes?
    Color: _____________ (Extra Credit: Follow me on Twitter!)
  4. Tired? No way! You’ve come this far! You are a sleuthing maniac! I sure hope no murders happen around you! Really. I hope that doesn’t happen. OMG. I feel like I am jinxing everyone, hurry! Go to: https://www.facebook.com/kburrelli You’re in the safety of my Facebook page. This is where I announce important info so you should give it a like, but that isn’t the question. See the menu on the left? Click “About.” Now, for your question, in my More Info:About section, what do I say I enjoy eating?
    Food: ___________ (Extra Credit: See that sign up button about where Pippen’s national treasure would be? Click it and sign up for my newsletter! OR GDPR compliancy tells me, you can just say you did and I’ll believe you all the same. Consent, yo!)
  5. We’re coming to the end. And like with every end, we will CLAMOR for the sequel. For this question, I would like you to go to: https://www.amazon.com/Kiki-Burrelli/e/B01LKBFPFW and now, I want you to search for the “+Follow” button. Tell me what side it is located on the webpage.
    Left? Right? (Extra Credit: Click that button and Follow me!)
  6. Now, find “Under His Control” in my list of books and click it, that will take you to the product page. This is it, the last question, for all the marbles (no marbles were harmed in the making of this hunt). On the left, you will see the cover image, click it to open the “Look Inside” feature.
    Scroll to the bottom and locate the last line of the last paragraph of story and tell me, what kind of faces are the people asked to put on? ___________ (Extra Credit: Be awesome!)

That’s it! Be sure to email your entry by 6/2/2018! And if you had fun, be sure to share this scavenger hunt on your Facebook or Twitter page! <3Kiki