Have you found Finn?

My debut novel, Finding Finn is now available for free to all of you! Finn was the man who started it all, now here we are 4 spin off series later and the world of Mpreg is still going strong! Take a look if you haven’t and please check out the character map below. Spot a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Since Finn’s world ended up so big, I’ve made a handy character map so you can keep people straight! With 6 packs across 18 books, I’m sure you’ll find a favorite!

The Mpreg World created in these series is big and spans across the globe, here are some of the key players arranged by pack location, book title, couple and their children (PACK TITLE (series) Couple+ couple = kids). *Indicates a Packmaster, Co-packmaster or King.

Frannie’s House- Wolf & Lion Shifters
FINDING FINN (Wolf’s Mate 1) – *Luke + Finn = Serena Ann, Lulu
THEIRS TO LOVE (Wolf’s Mate 5) – Frannie + *Brock + *Kai = Kyle, Amy
In the pack and/or unmated – Darryl

The Den-Wolf & Coyote Shifters
SAVING SORELL (Wolf’s Mate 3) – *Felix + Sorell = Kofi, Franklin
PROTECTING PIPPEN (Wolf’s Mate 4) – *Conner + Pippen = Felicity, Adam
HIS BABY TO PROTECT (The Den 1) – Oscar + Farley = Ollie
HIS BABY TO SAVE (The Den 2) – Asher + Caleb = Sitka, Fawn, Juniper
HIS BABY TO DEFEND (The Den 3) – Brady + Glenn + *Parker = Luna, Rose
HIS BABY TO CHERISH (The Den 4) – Berlin + Max = Chase
In the pack and/or unmated – Stella, Andrea

Hope – Bear Shifters
BEARLY LEGAL (Bear Brothers 1) — *Roscoe + Sawyer = Roger
BEARING IT ALL (Bear Brothers 2) – Angus + Heath = Maia
UNBEARABLE (Bear Brothers 3) – Logan + Hugh + Julian = Duncan, Dylan
BEAREST OF THEM ALL (Bear Brothers 4) – Gideon + Jack = Leo
In the pack and/or unmated – Marcy, Greg, Stannis, Billy, Link

Hybrid Biker Pack
UNDER HIS CARE (Hybrid Heat 1) — *Ryder + Chuey = Carlos
UNDER HIS CONTROL (Hybrid Heat 2) – Garth + Cassius = Gisselle, Cassius Jr.
In the pack and/or unmated – Thorne, Fritz, Lyle, Orion, Zeke, Wilder
Friends or related to someone in pack – Legend, *Sibelius

Louisiana Pack — Wolf Shifters

CLAIMING CHRISTIAN (Wolf’s Mate 2) — *Derrick + Christian = Derrick, Katherine, Eddy
In the pack and/or unmated – Mèmè, Bridgette

Dragon Islands
THE GOLDEN DRAGON’S UNEXPECTED MATE (Jeweled King 1) — *Damari + Miko = Mikhail
Golden Royal Guard: Ace
THE DIAMOND DRAGON’S MANNY MATE (Jeweled King 2) — *Sebastian + Flynn = Emeral, Shelandria
Diamond Royal Guard: Sorsha (Guardian Princess)
THE EMERALD DRAGON’S MANNY MATE (Jeweled King 3) — *Vale + Landon + Blaze = ?