New Release *Steamy MMM Romance!*

Hey all! I’ve released my latest in The Jeweled King’s Curse Series!

The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate is now available! If you would like to purchase your own copy you can do so here. Or if you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited click here!

This book tells the story of King Vale, his best friend and royal adviser Blaze and a plucky young guard, Landon! 

Vale and Blaze grew up in The Garden, the underwater home of the emerald dragons. They live safe in a dome beneath the sea while the magical elixir made from melting their island’s emerald roses keeps them young and healthy. However, the two alpha’s clash over politics and Blaze decides to leave. 

Hundreds of years later, Vale meets Landon and finally believes that he is ready again. His inner dragon wants Landon like it wanted Blaze. His skills are rusty to non-existent but Vale will try his hardest to woo the young guard. Except, that’s when Blaze returns suddenly telling Vale he felt the same call, has the same desires. 

Meanwhile, Landon is stuck in the middle of two very hard rocks. He can see how good Blaze and Vale are for each other and they both make him feel like the most precious thing in the world. Can they overcome their past while fighting their current enemies? Find out! 

Behind the scenes

Interested in what went into writing this book?

*I’ll tell ya, this world was one of the more fantasy based worlds I’ve ever written. Because of the island structure I’ve been able to make these environments very different from each other and The Garden turned out to be a magical place. 

*Originally, I wanted this to be more of a love triangle, but the characters would not be persuaded. They wanted to be together almost from page one. 

*I had a funny typo that always made me laugh (and one I am glad I caught). There is a part where Blaze is talking about Vale and he describes him as upright and law-abiding. He says, “Vale lives on tradition and balls.” Clearly the word we both meant there was laws. 

*In the Bonus Scene, I had a specific image in mind. The after the wedding scene in It’s a Wonderful Life where George is driven to his new home, decked out to look like a beach and leaking from all the rain.  

Dragons, three sexy men, and a little danger and intrigue...what's not to like for a fantasy romance lover? As always, Kiki Burelli delivers a smooth flowing, well written story that is entertaining & easy to read and sink into to. I love a good MMM, and liked the dynamic between Vale, Blaze, and Landon. I thought the setting was unique and interesting as well; I've enjoyed the different characteristics of the dragon types and homes in this series.
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If you have a second, take a look! Or, if you’ve read The Emerald Dragon’s Treasured Mate already, tell me what you think in the comments below! -Kiki