Sexy Saturday, Oh My Mpreg! 6/30 #ohmympreg

Sexy Saturday, Oh My Mpreg 6/30

It’s Saturday which means it is time for another Sexy Saturday, #OhmyMpreg Blog Hop! Bringing you all the sexy Mpreg and juicy behind-the-scenes info from some of your favorite authors! I’ve got a blurb from my next book, Under His Command (Thorne’s story! Squee!!) And then, some cool secrets to share about my next book (currently writing) The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate. Read on and then, get hopping!

This snippet comes from the beginning of Under His Command. These two were so. much. fun. to write, but they definitely didn’t make it easy on each other! Enjoy and keep an eye out for when this book goes live!

“I’m a little hurt, Sage,” Thorne said.

So many emotions ran through Sage he felt like a dictionary. First, there was the need to fix whatever he’d done to hurt this alpha. Next came the anger, as if Sage should care that he was hurt.

Thorne continued. “Did you think that that was our goodbye? After twelve years you’re just gonna throw a see ya later over your shoulder minutes after another shifter threatened you?”

Sage stopped is trip back to the apartment. “Who threatened me?”

Thorne threw his hands in the air. “Mercer looked right at you when he talked about getting what he wants. He’s a bigger problem than you let on, isn’t he?”

More anger bubbled inside of him like those effervescent heart burn drinks. “Why does it matter?”

Ohhh, I want to share more but I just can’t!! (pssst, but you can buy it or read on KU)

Behind The Scenes!

So, for my latest work in progress, while imagining the island of the onyx dragons, I knew that it would be a place unlike the other three islands. I’ve had so much fun creating these worlds and this time, I nerded right out and made a map of the castle! No making fun of my drawing skills. I’m a writer!

That thing on top is a dragon

So, it's sideways, but you kind of get it. This is the island from the outside, a rocky fortress. From Onyx Dragon Lore: An Onyx Dragon does not endure darkness, he craves it.

Bird's Eye View

Here, the idea was that the castle looks something like a target, with the King's quarters in the middle (on top if looking head on) and increasingly yicky things as we work out. It is also like a maze, with no clear path in or out. Omg just sharing this is making me SOOOOOOO excited!

That’s enough outta me. It’s time for you to get hopping! Continue by clicking an icon below to see what the author mpreg authors have in store!