Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg 7/7

It’s Saturday which means it is time for another #OhMyMpreg blog hop! I don’t know about you, but my “holiday” week ended up pretty busy! 

I had a release, a ton of promo, prizes and giveaways OH and a little thing called Independence Day! I’m stuffed full of good food, my brain is buzzing with good ideas and I have a snippet to share! But first! Make sure you are getting access to all the surprise giveaways I do, like the Random 4th $25 Amazon GC contest I did with my newsletter subscribers. Just click the Oh yeah! button to sign up!

Onyx dragons say "rawr!"

This is from Chapter One, page one. We start in the point of view of Azra, the King of the onyx dragons:

The wailing from those family and friends of the traitors about to be executed stabbed at King Azra’s ears. He wished they’d stop their crying, or at the very least, quiet it somewhat.

After all, it was not Azra who told the three onyx dragons, standing in their human forms in the tattered uniform they give the prisoners, to align themselves with Azra’s brother as well as the Golden Grandmother. It was not Azra who told these three dragons to wage violence against the emerald dragons and it was not Azra who then fled, attempting to return home as if no one was aware of their deception.

But, it was Azra who would see their punishments through to the end. And for a crime as dire as this, that meant he would see these dragons out of this world and into the dark.

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