Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg 7/14

Hi there and welcome to another behind the scenes peek into what I’m working on and what goes on behind the curtain! I’ll be sharing a snippet from my current WIP, The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate, then I want to talk Hybrid Heat! Don’t forget to continue on and take a look at what some other mpreg authors are doing!

The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate is the fourth book in my Jeweled King’s Curse series. It is the final book and you’ll see some old friends while making some new ones! .This snippet is from a conversation Elby, our King’s love interest, has with his best friend, Crius. They are discussing the fortold return of a creature called the Dark One, who is destined to return and destroy the onyx dragons:

Elby looked over the side of the wall, to the broad levels they’d left. The people were still gathered. “It doesn’t sound like an honor. It just sounds like dying,” he replied, the sadness clear in his voice.
This time, Crius bumped up against Elby’s hip. He grinned at him. “Maybe the Dark One will return before that happens. He’ll send us all to the dark.”
At that, Elby scoffed. “The Dark One, yes, I’ll hold my breath.”
Crius stilled, his hand paused on the door to the second floor. “You shouldn’t joke so much about the Dark One,” he said, his face partially hidden in shadow.
“Why not?” Elby asked as they stepped through the doorway.
“Because!” Crius sputtered. “Because…because then you won’t be chosen as his vessel.” He’d clearly searched and grabbed on to the first reason he could think of.
“Good,” Elby replied, stepping through the large sitting room over to the window that overlooked the executioner’s square. Not the most pleasant of views, but Elby wanted to see if the King was still down there. He wasn’t.
The sky, which had been clear earlier that morning, was now dark, as if the events of the day had affected the weather. Rain splattered the long, wide window. He didn’t know if it was the King’s absence, the rain or the talk of the Dark One that made him so sad. “I don’t want to be consumed or unmade,” he said, quoting the process as described in all the old books. He turned to Crius and lifted his chin stubbornly in reaction to Crius’s narrowed gaze. “I only want to be me.”

Squeee! I cannot wait for you all to read this book! It is dark, mysterious, magical, and so much fun! Moving on, have you checked out Under His Command? That is Thorne and Sage’s story, it is also the third book in the Hybrid Heat series. Read on for BTS insight about what the story almost was, and the things running through my head while I wrote. 

*During the beginning plotting stages, the character of Mercer was almost called Montgomery–but I thought Mercer sounded eviler.

*I’m pretty sure I name every bar The Watering Hole. Unless you are the bar that the hybrids own, and then you get no name 😀

*I nearly referred to Sage and Thorne as Sam and Dean on paper several times…not sure what that says about me or the story.

*I sometimes accidentally have characters refer to time in terms of books. Like, “Remember when _____ happened earlier in this book?” Fourth wall much!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I am up to these days. Now, it is time to hop! See you next week! <3 Kiki