Sexy Saturday: Oh My Mpreg 7/21

So many exciting things happening this week! I’ve got a throwback snippet and a new book coming soon. I’m also at a workshop right now, and here is some behind the scenes info about me, I am always sweating!!! It is disgusting. I have since adopted a paper plate from the continental breakfast thus named my “sweat fan.” 


It can’t all be glamorous. 

Today’s snippet will be from a book previously released, Theirs to Love, the story where Frannie finally meets her matches. Alpha’s Kai and Brock have been bonded for years always knowing that their love wasn’t yet complete. Then Frannie shows up and…well…

This scene is from an awkward date that just keeps getting worse. 

What the hell is Brock doing here? Sure enough, he was there, looking large and out of place except for the sex God sitting next to him who made him seem like he belonged wherever that other man was. They held hands on the top of table comfortably, like it was something they’d been doing for years. Frannie had never seen the man next to Brock before in her life and she would have remembered. He wore a white button-up shirt and red tie with a light gray vest that highlighted his naturally tan skin and dark hair. He was fit enough for her to wonder if he was also a shifter.

Some sort of sexy, professional, suit-wearing shifter.

Maybe an accountant? He could crunch her numbers anyti— Wait a second! They’re holding hands? Brock’s gay? Why the fuck was he trying to have a date with me earlier?

“What?” Victor asked, making Frannie afraid she’d said some or all of that out loud. He looked behind himself, clearly wondering what she was looking at. “Do you know those two men staring intently at you?” he asked.

“Um, not really. Kind of. The big one is a police officer. He showed up at my house a few months ago after it was shot at. Don’t worry, we weren’t hurt. Random thing, you know.”

“He’s looking at you like he wants to put you in handcuffs—and not to arrest you, either,” Victor commented with a little whine to his tone.

Brock’s mouth turned up in a half-smile like he had heard Victor’s whine.

He did, you idiot. Shifter, remember?

“Don’t worry, I’m not into bondage,” she said loud enough that Brock’s sensitive ears would be able to hear her. The man next to him smirked, confirming her guess that he was also a shifter.

Great, what are you going to do with that information? Nothing. That was what.

Writing behind the scenes

I love when a reader approaches me and says they are thinking about writing or have started writing their first book. People ask me what my process is, what I use, let me take this time to tell you!

1. I write all first drafts on Scrivener.
2. I use Microsoft Word for beta and editing.
3. One feature I couldn’t live without: Word’s Speak Aloud function. This function is so, so important when it comes to realistic dialogue (even if the robot voice is anything but realistic.

I’m going to send you on to the other amazing authors participating this week after this last thing, I have a release! Check social media, or your inbox (if you are subscribed) to find out when The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate is released!