Sexy Saturday: Oh My Mpreg 7.28

Not only am I excited for another Sexy Saturday Oh my Mpreg hop but I am celebrating finishing my latest series, The Jeweled King’s Curse, Book Four. The Onyx Dragon’s Accidental Mate was so much fun to write and may have inspired a spin-off! What do you think? If you’ve read Azra and Elby’s story, who do you think should get a spin-off?

The Onyx Dragon's Accidental Mate

The one man he wants, is the only man he can’t have. Azra, known as the Shadow King to both his enemies and his allies, needs a mate. Onyx dragon law dictates that a King with an heir may not be overthrown, important if Azra wants any chance of winning the war against the three neighboring dragon tribes. He knows who he wishes he could mate with, the too young, too sweet, too naive Elby. Azra refuses to listen to his inner dragon’s insistence that Elby is his fated mate. He’ll simply have to choose another. He decides to hold a masquerade ball with the express purpose of finding a mate to make an heir with...Read More!

Today's Snippet

This is the book that started it all. The book that launched fleets. The book that ruined Rome. Ok, wait, maybe this book didn’t do all that but it is from Finding Finn, my debut mpreg. It is available for free. Do you have your copy? Why not?


Luke was the closest to heaven he’d ever been. The entire week he’d spent in his mate’s company, except for the time Finn had left to have lunch with his mother. He returned to Luke a little weary and sad, but it hadn’t taken Luke long to get him back in good spirits.
A lot of the time, Finn studied. He had some pretty important tests coming up but first, needed the university’s permission to take them.
Luke found he didn’t mind what he was doing or that Finn was doing something that didn’t involve him exactly, he just enjoyed being near him, in the same room. He was even content to just exist in the same house together.
Luke studied Finn as Finn studied to get back into grad school. Each moment was a chance to learn more and more about his mate. For instance, Finn had a penchant for monster movies. Particularly werewolves. It had amused Luke at first, but he did grow irritated at the way Finn would drool over the pansy actors who were just pretending to be shifters.


Hybrid what?! We’re talking about Hybrid HEAT! As in Book Four. This will be a fun, sassy, sexy story involving a shifter we know and a human we do not. It will also involve a disgusting number old k-drama references! 

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