Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg 8/2

It’s another Saturday which means another round of Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg and juicy behind the scenes info!!

I’d also like to take this second to thank everyone who played along last week. Purple is a popular color, but I’m sorry, BLUE IS BEST! hehehe. Want to fight me about that, bro? Do it in the comments!

But first, soak in this week’s sexy snippet!

Under His Cover

Hybrid Heat Book Four!

Are you ready for this one? I am finally delving into my love of K-dramas and Korean culture with my first Korean-American main character! 

Jaesun Park is a journalist that enjoys a methodical sort of life. He likes order and gets anxious when things aren’t where they should be (sound familiar?). So when he is sent to the tiny town of Noel on a mission to uncover dirt about the shifters in order to save his father, he goes, unhappily, and without a clue as to how he is going to succeed undetected. 

He knows it won’t be easy, he isn’t a spy. But, he can’t even imagine what will happen when his mission runs him right into Wilder! You don’t want to miss this explosive new addition the series! 

This snippet is from Chapter One, where you can see Jaesun is already making friends…

“Do you, uh, drive the bus here often?” Jaesun asked the driver who fidgeted, distributing his weight to one foot and then the other.
The driver’s face twisted into confusion, then, his cheeks went pink. “I’m not against you, but I’m married,” he said, his hand on the door, pushing it open.
“Not against me?” Jaesun wondered what that could have meant. It wasn’t until the driver had awkwardly stepped into the pub and the door swung shut behind him that Jaesun understood what the driver had thought. Jaesun stomped forward, pushing the door open to a space too dark for him to see properly and yelled before his eyes adjusted, “I wasn’t hitting on you!”
His words bounced off a wall of flannel. Jaesun’s eyes traveled up the firm wall of man standing in front of him just inside the doorway. It took Jaesun more than a few minutes to realize that yes, there was a body in front of him where there should have been nothing and yes, that body belonged to the tallest, broadest man Jaesun had ever seen.
“You aren’t hitting on me?” the man drawled. “That’s a shame.”

I simply cannot wait for you all to read this book! I’ve just got that pesky task of finishing it!

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