Sexy Saturday, Oh My Mpreg! 8/18/18

My deepest apologies for missing last week’s blog hop! My website was on the fritz, and if you know me, you know the extent of my tech knowledge is in turning something off and then back on. But, I can complain very well and did so until my site was fixed! Now, on to the sexy!

The spy who shagged me? That title was already taken!

This snippet is from my latest book to come out, Under His Cover! You can’t buy it yet (soon), but you can whet your appetite with this sexy snippet. In this scene hybrid shifter, Wilder and human-in-trouble, Jaesun, share a smexy moment (Same Disclaimers apply, passage may change during editing process):

He leaned over, erasing the space that had remained between their bodies. He couldn’t be sure if it was his inner beast that directed his movements or if it was him, but he did know that Jaesun’s body felt amazing against his own. He smelled sweet, but also spicy. Jaesun didn’t move, other than to gasp when Wilder claimed his mouth with a kiss that didn’t go nearly as far as Wilder wanted.
Jaesun didn’t just smell sweet and spicy, he tasted that way as well. Wilder deepened the kiss. In a different place, at a different time, he would have lifted Jaesun up and settled him on his lap. But, they were not alone and Wilder found himself very greedy and possessive of the other man. He didn’t want to share those moments with anyone.

These two were a roller coaster to write. I loved how they were both strong in their own ways and in the end, it was a combination of their strengths that gave them their happy ending. Don’t miss this book, check your inbox, check your Facebook, check your friend’s inbox, check your friend’s Facebook, Under His Cover is coming for you!

That got real creepy, real fast.

Kiki, is that all? No cover?

Under His Cover:Hybrid Heat Book 4

Jaesun Park isn’t a spy, not until the Protectors of the Pure, an organization bent on eradicating shifters from the world, blackmail and coerce him into using his job at The National Press to uncover and publish anti-shifter propaganda. He unwillingly travels north, taking advantage of the new camp the shifters own and operate. He books a reservation and does his best to not let his anxiety get the best of him. His family needs him.

Wilder is a hybrid shifter content to watch those around him act like fools while they find their mates. He thinks they’re all overreacting, if he found his mate, he’d be much more relaxed about it. That’s what he thinks, until he runs literally into the man meant for him. It doesn’t take long for Wilder to realize that Jaesun is hiding something that is putting him in danger. And anything that puts his mate in danger is unacceptable.

Except, those he would normally turn to won’t understand what Jaesun has had to do. They’ll lock him up before Wilder has a chance to tell them Jaesun is his mate. Wilder will never allow anyone to lock up his mate, and before long, Wilder is going to realize why those other alphas acted so possessive and out of control.

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