New Release! Under His Cover *Now with more Kdramas!*

Very happy to share my latest release: Under His Cover: Hybrid Heat Mpreg Romance Book Four!

New Mpreg Romance!

Will two men, as different as can be, find love?

Jaesun Park isn’t a spy, not until the Protectors of the Pure, an organization bent on eradicating shifters from the world, blackmail and coerce him into using his job at The National Press to uncover and publish anti-shifter propaganda. He unwillingly travels north undercover, posing as one of the many campers taking advantage of the new shifter-run campground. The moment he arrives, he’s sure everyone is onto him, but he’s got to do his best to ignore his anxieties. His family needs him.

Wilder is a hybrid shifter content to watch those around him act like fools while they find their mates. If he ever (big if) found his mate, he wouldn’t overreact nearly as much as the other alphas with all their growling and possessiveness. That’s what he thinks until he literally runs into the man meant for him. It takes seconds for Wilder to realize that Jaesun is his and just as much time to realize Jaesun is hiding something that is putting him in danger. And anything that puts his mate in danger is unacceptable.

Except, those he would normally turn to won’t understand what Jaesun has had to do. They’ll lock him up before Wilder has a chance to tell them Jaesun is his mate. He can see that Jaesun is in way over his head, and Wilder is the only one who can dive in and save him. His kind, gentle mate quickly brings out the alpha in Wilder. No one, not his pack or the Protectors will lock up his mate. Before long, Wilder will realize why those other alphas acted so possessive and out of control. 

Under His Cover is the fourth book in the Hybrid Heat series. It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series for maximum enjoyment. It features a delightful number of references to Korean dramas and kimchi while still containing those steamy moments that will make your toes curl!