Sexy Saturday Oh My Mpreg! 8/25

It's not the coffee! I'm shaking from excitement!

...and likely also coffee.

This is a very special Sexy Saturday. Not only do I have snippet from my LATEST, and links to send you to some of your favorite other authors, but I also have the most exciting news ever!

You know me, I want to tell you my news now! But first, this week’s snippet! It comes from the brand new still UNNAMED Hybrid Heat book five!

This book changes the scenery, sending a few of our hybrid pals to New York City where they will begin working under Sibelius’s direction. Oh, and it is where Fritz, Link and Crius find love! 

What do you get when you put a fox, a hybrid and a dragon in a room? Fireworks. 

But first, they have to earn it. This snippet begins where Under His Cover ended. Link is determined to volunteer to go to New York despite Fritz’s objections…

The office door slammed open at that moment, saving Link from having to respond. Fritz rushed inside, his body a coiled snake ready to strike. “You can’t actually be allowing this,” he snapped. “Link isn’t ready! Look at him!” Fritz gestured angrily at him. “He’s bit his cheek again. He can’t even have a conversation without falling apart.”

“Hold on, that isn’t fair,” Sawyer said, getting to his feet. “He isn’t falling apart, he’s coping!”

Link sat there, staring at his hands. Fritz was right, that didn’t mean Link wasn’t going. If not to the New York pack than somewhere else.

Roscoe gave a warning growl when Fritz rounded on Sawyer.

Ryder got to his feet as well, standing in front of Fritz like a barricade. “This isn’t like you, Fritz,” Ryder said. Link knew what Ryder’s face would look like when he used that tone. His eyes would crinkle in the edges with concern and his lips would be turned down slightly. It was the only way he ever look at Link. “I agree that it doesn’t sit right with me, but Link is of age and unmated. He can make his own decisions.”

“Even if he was mated, he could make his own choices!” Sawyer snapped. Roscoe patted him.

“My mate is correct,” Roscoe said. “Just because a person is mated, doesn’t mean they lose their voice. But, if he was, the alpha would have a say in his life. That’s just the way it is.” He shrugged as if in apology. “As it is, Link isn’t mated.” Roscoe turned on Fritz. “Unless you want to stake your claim?”

All of the air in the room seemed to whoosh out in one second. An explosion had gone off inside of Link. It was as if two opposing forces, a wall of water and a wall of fire, had collided, leaving behind only destruction. Link wanted Fritz to say he was making a claim, to call Link his mate. He also thought he might die if Fritz did. Link cursed his easy life on the farm. His loving parents, his annoying but well meaning sister, the boy down the road who was to become the man in his bed, none of that had prepared Link for what life was really like; grief and need, twisting together.

“I…I…” Fritz sputtered.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sending you along to your other authors, but first, my news! Around two years ago, one tiny book, Finding Finn, slipped into the shelves of Amazon. I could have never believed how that book would change my life! I want to take this time to thank you! Mark your calendars. Make sure you are a member of my Facebook Group, Kiki’s Den, and check back DAILY to play and win!

That's all from me! Keep hopping! <3

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