Sexy Saturday #OhMyMpreg 9/8/2018

Welcome to another Oh My Mpreg!

This is the blog hop that takes you behind the scenes in to the back end goings ons of your favorite mpreg authors! 

First, let’s all giggle about “Back end goings ons.”

Done? Hehehehe. I guess I’m not. 

But, for serious this time. There are certain programs that I use very often and I thought, today, I would share them with you! It might not be the sexiest topic, but it is important! Especially if some of you are thinking of self publishing yourself! Which I know some of you are. So, here we go:


  1. Scrivener: this is almost always open on my computer. I use it to write my books, my blurbs, keep my character profiles organized, it is my #1 go to! 
  2. Microsoft Word: I use this for the in between things. Editing, betaing-things like that. 
  3. I use this site for all of my promo images. There are free and pay options depending on the features you want. The tools aren’t quite so advanced as with photoshop but the learning curve is much lower. 
  4. Facebook! I’m addicted. I feel like sometimes I am on there too much!

So, there we have it. The programs I am on most of the day. So, if you take a moment mon-sun and think, I wonder what Kiki is doing, chances are, I am using one of these programs!

Now, on to the snippet!

Under His Embrace: Hybrid Heat #5

Ready for a threesome? I am! These boys really tug at my heart. They are just so perfectly perfect for each other, but try getting them to realize that! 

“Deja vu,” Crius said looking from Fritz to Link. “Half, anyway.” His lip curled up in a royal sneer, arrogance poured out of him in choking waves.
“What happened to you? Bad day at work?” Fritz asked him.
Crius shook his head. “Just realigning priorities. Making sure the most important thing comes first.”
“Yourself?” Fritz spat, not knowing why Crius’s unaffected demeanor was inciting so much anger.
“Crius is here,” Link said, his voice throaty. “Hi, Crius.”
Crius regarded Link. For a split second, Fritz thought he saw concern, but then, there was nothing on his face but amusement. “Hello, little fox.”
Behind them, the crowd cheered as the sprinklers opened up again. Link tried to rush off his stool to join them but only managed to nearly topple to the ground.
“Hold it, you need water,” Fritz said.
“I know,” Link replied, the last word coming out like one long whine. He stretched over Fritz’s arm. It was like trying to keep hold of a hyperactive octopus. Fritz looked to Crius for some help, but found only hostility.
“Let him go, he obviously wants to.” Crius said like he was throwing trash over his shoulder. “If you love something, let it fly.”
Fritz rolled his eyes, fighting the desire to slap the look off Crius’s face. While he was distracted with being annoyed by the dragon, Link slipped out from under his arm. At least he had a glass of water in his hand that the bartender had given them. He stopped once he was in the crowd and turned back to Fritz and Crius. With a smile, he dumped the cup of water over his head and started dancing.
“You know, I can give you some tips,” Crius told him. Only now did Fritz notice the way his words slurred. He looked at the glass of wine on the bar in front of Crius and wondered how many more had come before.
“I don’t want your fucking tips,” Fritz snarled.
Crius raised his hands in mock surrender. “Lover’s quarrel, got it. I’ll just butt out.”
His words came out as sarcastically as the ones before, but this time, Fritz could taste what simmered beneath. Anguish. “He needs us,” Fritz said, taking a chance on the fact that Crius’s arrogance might just be a front, a tool to keep people from getting too close.
Crius sucked in a sharp breath. “He needs you.” He looked out at where Link danced, spinning in a circle, his eyes close, his hands stretching toward the ceiling. “Or he needs more HEX. Few more doses and it won’t affect him like this. Then even less, then not at all.”
That was interesting information, but it didn’t help Fritz now. After his initial anger cleared, he saw that Link was in pain. HEX had helped Fritz with his shame and guilt, he could only imagine what it was doing for Link. “This isn’t good. He needs to face this.”
“Or he needs to party till he pukes,” Crius replied, tipping the contents of his glass back.
“Is this all just a game to you?” Fritz asked, getting closer. “Dragons ruin it for everyone and then they just hunker down on their islands, not having to deal with the aftermath of a problem they started!” They were all fine before the world knew about them.
“You’re barking at the wrong dragon,” Crius replied. “The onyx take no responsibility.”
Fritz tsked with his tongue against the back of his front teeth. “Typical.” He moved to leave and get a better spot to keep an eye on Link from but suddenly, a glowering dragon shifter was in his way.
“You don’t know anything about me,” Crius seethed.
Instead of backing down, Fritz surged forward. They were chest to chest, staring at each other with unblinking eyes. Blue met black in a war of wills that wouldn’t end until one of them relented. He’d been wrong earlier. Crius’s arrogance wasn’t disguised caring, it was simply him acting like an entitled dick.

Don’t worry, ya’ll! It can seem rocky but it gets worse. HEHE. And then it gets So. Much. Better! While we wait for the release, hop on over to see what the other authors have brewing!