I am sorry if you were looking forward to this romantic tale, but c’mon, water bears are tiny! If unusual, or just numerous animal pairings are your thing, check out:

The books may be holiday themed, but the love lasts all year round.

If you like your books with a naughty student/dean, student/coach angle check out Gingerbred Lessons or Ball Drop

If you’re into more pulse-pounding, daddy-kink reads, check out Sweet Meat

And if you’re just here for a good time, read Sack of Gold!

But whatever you do, DO NOT miss Hop On: Welcome to Morningwood Book Five! This book features an overweight main character, Arthur, who is doing what he can to protect himself and his young daughter. So when Captain Aries of the Elite Force offers to be his bodyguard, Arthur knows he better safe guard his heart. Aries is just there to protect him, not get in his pants… right?

I hope you didn’t mind my little trick! Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!!

<3 Kiki